Sunday, January 25, 2009

Busy Weekend

I feel kinda bad that I don't update too often. However, I've realized why I wait so long between posts. During the week when I'm at my day job I sit in front of a computer all day and answer phones and things. So by the time I get home I'm kinda done looking at a computer for any reason. So it's hard to even sit down and read blogs or write my own. But I'm hoping to get better about it.

On the nights that I work at the hotel, number one, I'm allowed on the internet, so I'm able to read and stuff while at work, when I need to be looking at a computer screen anyway. And 2 I have the time and need something to do to help keep me awake. Blogging is definitely something that helps me stay awake. So that is the time that I tend to write blogs and catch up on everyone else's lives.

So here I am, standing behind the desk at work. This was kind of a hectic weekend. The nice thing was that on Saturday I got to go to the Chiropractor!!! Yay! I've been needing to get my back and neck adjusted for a long time now. So I'm super excited and much more comfortable now that I was able to go and do that. Then I had rehearsal. Actually between my Chiropractor appt and rehearsal I took myself out to breakfast and while I ate I did some more choreographing. I felt kinda bad for my waitress cause I had a headphone in one ear and she felt like she was interrupting everytime she walked by. Which she wasn't, but I could tell she felt bad everytime. Poor thing.

So yeah, then came rehearsal which went really well. All the dances are starting to really come together and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. So that's exciting. And the numbers I worked on this weekend are the last ones that we really needed hard core dancing for. So that's good. I also had rehearsal today, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I worked at the hotel last night, which is always fun. But I discovered after sleeping some that I might have overdone it a little at rehearsal. I was very, very sore. It's been a while since I full out danced like that. And I didn't really take the time to stretch or anything. So bad on my part. I did better today and remembered to kinda stretch out some before jumping into it. So I hopefully won't be too sore. So yeah, after rehearsal today I went over to my friend Gail's house for a while. It was nice because I hadn't seen Gail in a while. We also have plans to have dinner next weekend. So we get the chance to just talk to eachother. Cause tonight we were with her family, which was also fun, don't get me wrong. I love hanging out with her family, but it will also be nice to just get the chance to talk. And as I said before I am now back at work.

So yeah, amazing weekend, but definitely busy. I'll be so excited when I get to back to sleep finally on Monday. I hope everyone is well! Have a great week!

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Neabear said...

Now it makes sense. I hope you got over your soreness. I was kind of sore after my strength training on Thursday. Woke up a little sore on Friday. I wish we would be able to see the show. I would love to see how your dance choregraphy comes out. How do the directors like your dances? What style are you using? Jazz?