Saturday, June 20, 2009


So lately, I think because it was just Shaylee Linnea's, my neice and goddaughter, birthday, I've been thinking about family alot. I've built quite the little adopted family here in the Quad Cities. I love the people that I've met and all the wonderful friends that I've made. It's strange isn't it? How we build these communities of family for ourselves no matter where we are. Crazy!

But nothing can replace the family that God gives you. Luckily, even though I'm far away from them, there are places like Blogger and Facebook, and pictures and things so that I can be kept up to date on the goings on in the lives of those I love.

So like a month ago, my brother and sister-in-law sent me pictures of them and my beautiful neice Shaylee. So naturally the first thing I did was to take them to work and put them up on the wall of my cubicle. Actually I put them on the front of one of the cabinets in my cubicle. It has been so fun to have these pictures to show off. And of course the first thing anyone asks about the pictures is always, "Who is that beautiful little girl?" It is so much fun getting to reply, "That is my neice, Shaylee!" So now I just have to get more pictures, probably ones I can print from my computer to put up of other family members so that I can show everyone off. So yeah. Fun times!

Happy Belated Birthday Shaylee! There will be a card coming from your Aunt Sara very soon! Love you all tons!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Goals

Hello everyone! I realize it's been a long while since the last time I posted. Luckily I am feeling better. And I kinda have a pretty good reason why.

Last week Judy, my fellow scheduler, came up with the idea for the two of us to join the YMCA together. This way we could both get healthy. I've been looking for a way and the motivation to get myself healthy and lose some weight. Cause I'm done being unhappy with the way I look. So when Judy suggested us working out together at the Y I was all for it. We're into our second week now. So hopefully we can keep it going long enough that it becomes habit. I think it is good that we joined together. Number 1 it's more fun to work out with someone else. And we're more likely to keep going because we have someone else depending on us to be there.

So for the first week we just did Cardio. You know walking, swimming. Then yesterday I learned how to use the resistance band weight machines. These are good because they are less strenuous on my knee. So that's exciting. Although you get even more sore with the whole strength training concept, but it helps you get more muscle tone and a faster metabolism faster. So that's good all in all too.

Now I'm just in this to get skinny. While losing weight will be nice and hopefully help me to feel better about myself, that's not the only goal. I want to be healthier in general. And I know that losing weight is a part of that. So to the exercise, and the attempts to eat healthier. I've tried to cut down on my unhealthy food eating and I'm also working on the whole drinking pop concept. I'm actually getting better at both of those I think. So yeah. Think good thoughts for me. Blessings to you all!