Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hanging At Home!

So the nice thing about not having as many dance numbers in "Aesop's Falables" is that I don't have to be present at as many of the rehearsals. So it's giving me the chance to just hang out at home. And while too much of this will pretty soon be boring to me I'm enjoying it right now. Just a few minutes ago...they've both moved unfortunately...I was sitting on my bed with both of my animals. For a while now Oreo had decided that she wasn't very happy with me. But lately she's been spending more time with me. She'll come and sit in my lap and hang out with me and Blossom when we're sitting and watching tv. So I had both my animals just hanging out. It was nice.

Today I went to the Chiropractor! I've been going pretty regularly lately. It's great! I'm finally starting to feel better. And the cool thing is that they're also working on getting my knees to hurt less and stuff. My knee went out about 3 weeks ago and they've been adjusting it ever since. And I sprained my ankle like 4 weeks ago and they've been adjusting that too. And amazingly they feel a ton better. It's crazy! I've never had my knees adjusted before even though I've been to other Chiros. It's insane. So hopefully it will continue to move in an upward motion. I like not being in pain constantly. Yay!

Ummm. I'm trying to think of anything else to say. But unfortunately I can't think of anything. That's all for now. I have rehearsal tomorrow night. So maybe I'll come up with something new to write then! I hope anyone who reads this has a great day!

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Neabear said...

That is so pretty having the picture of the flowers as your headers. I see you added the pets picture in your sidebar too. How cool!! So fun to see another post from you again.