Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Places We Go

So this weekend I was off from work. It has been so nice. While I was able to find things to do to fill each day it was nice to have the chance to just do stuff on the weekend without being on a time schedule and realizing that I should really be sleeping.

Saturday we had auditions for Snoopy at the Junior Theatre. For those of you who don't know I was asked to be the choreographer for Snoopy. I'm super excited because number 1 it's with Junior Theatre, which is how I got started in theatre, and number 2 "Snoopy" is one of the shows that I did growing up. So that's very, very awesome. Although it is a little nerve-racking to be choreographing again. But I'm sure it will turn out well.

So that took up most of my day on Saturday, but it was a ton of fun and we got the show casted and I had a good time running the dance part of the auditions. So yay! Then today I was able to go to church this morning which was nice. Then I went out to lunch with my friend Gail who I haven't been able to hook up with recently since we are both on very different and awkward schedules. So that was nice. I'm actually writing this blog while sitting at her house cause I'm keeping her company while she cleans her house. I brought Blossom with me and Gail's son clipped Blossom's nails for me! It was good cause her nails were getting kinda long. He also clipped all of their dog's nails. So yay! And this way Gail got to see Blossom again and Blossom got to hang out with all the dogs at Gail's house, although they weren't really into hanging out together. I guess they all kinda forgot each other. But I think she had fun anyway. Plus it just kinda got her out of the house.

So yeah. It was nice to have an actual weekend. Although next week I get to go back to working all weekend. Which will be nice to get back to a routine as well. So good things both ways. But yeah, that's what's going on with me right now. Cheers!


Neabear said...

I found out stuff here you had not told me about yet, like the auditions. Sounds like a busy day for you. That was cool that you got to hang out with Gail. I was laughing about what you wrote about the dogs. That was cute! So glad you posted again!

Neabear said...

Take a look at this post. He does the Happy Birthday to Jesus in sign language. So cute!