Friday, September 26, 2008

Quick Note

Just a quick note to say hello. I am mainly keeping busy with both my jobs. As I am now back to my normal schedule of work, work and more work. Although I did stop in at Starbucks yesterday and talked to Chris, the lead from "Promises, Promises". It was nice to say hello and get the chance to catch up a little with him. He's one of the supervising managers at the Starbucks just down the street from my job. It was neat to find that out while we were working on the show.

The other thing keeping me busy is attempting to find a new place to live. Sam and my lease is up October 31st. So we need to be out of our apartment by then. However we are both looking for new places to live on opposite sides of the river. She's going to be living with a friend of her's here in Illinois and I'm going to live with Katie in Iowa. So I'm kinda sad that we won't be living together anymore, but I think it is the best idea we could come up with so that everyone will be happy. Now I just have to find a two-bedroom house to live in, in Iowa. Wish me luck!

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Neabear said...

I hope you find something soon. Not much time left. I still think it is cool how you have met so many people already since moving there. I sure miss you bunches, but love that we can keep in touch. Love you tons as always.